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Half Marathon Pace Teams!

Pace teams will be in place approximately 30 minutes before the start of the half marathon. The pace leader will have a pace sign with the finish goal time on it. Pick your time, find your leader and GO! Have fun!
It's early yet, and the 2017 pace team is still working on their schedules, please check back for updates. If you're bored and looking for something to read, here's some info on last year's pace team....
1:40 pacer
Tim Schmitt (Michigan)

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Running story:   I trained for and ran a marathon in 2007 because I was bored and had a lot of energy.  Nine years, 25ish marathons and 15ish ultramarathons later, I'm still showing up to the start line.  When I'm not running I sit at a desk and wish I was running.

Favorite race:  Sehgahunda Marathon (Letchworth State Park, NY), PCT 50 (San Diego County, CA)

Favorite place to run: deserts

Favorite Music (band):  Zac Brown Band, Gordon Lightfoot, The Beatles

Favorite Pre-Race Meal:  Pizza

 Fun Fact:  I am a baseball history junkie.  

1:50 pacer
Hong Weng (South Lyon, Michigan)

I have run 32 maratho150pacens or longer distance.  I love running, swimming, biking not much yet .  And I love to EAT…I’m small, but could eat a lot and nonstop.  I impress & amaze family, friends and colleagues with my eating skill!

Favorite marathon: I love them all, but Comrade is my favorite- it’s not even a marathon.  It’s twice the marathon distance, took place in Durban, South Africa.  

I love to travel too, forgot to mention it earlier.
Favorite quote: Anything is possible, as long you put your mind to it.  Laugh is the best medication!
Typical training pace:  I run like a turtle, slow and steady; but I always finish.  I do not do much tempo run nor speed workout, but I run for long time.  I listen to my body if the body allows me to go for certain pace, then I go; if the heart rate is too high, I know I’ll not last long; I back off.  Running should be fun.

Why do I run?  Good questions??? I love to eat therefore; I have to keep running… Running releases stress and keeps me happy.  

Tips for runners: start slow, finished strong.  Negative splits is awesome!

2:00 pacer
Casey Hogan (Macomb, Michigan)

I started running a few years back. Back then I couldn't run more than a few feet. I have now done 7 marathons and countless half marathons, 10k and 5k.

This year I decided this running season is not about a PR for me but to be able to help others to hit theirs.

Come join me as we finish this awesome race together!

2:10 Pacer
Sara Bowman, Farmington, MI
The Martian Invasion of Races holds a special spot in my running heart as it was my first Half Marathon.  That was in 2009.  Since then I’ve gone on to run tons more Half Marathons and 14 full marathons.  Presently I am training for my first 50K in Upstate New York.
Sharing my love of all things running makes me happy.  I’ve had the privilege to train with friends and family members to complete every distance from a first 5K to a full Marathon.  Sometimes it’s even the same person!
I keep motivational stickers on my office wall. My favorite is “The only run you'll regret is the one you didn’t take.
You’ve trained hard for this event and I’m excited to help you meet your goal time!
2:20 Pacer
Laura Thompson, Brighton MI
(that’s my I’m sad I am at work and not running face)

The girl who dropped out of220pace the Novi HS Cross Country team because we had to run a mile, yep, one entire mile, is now addicted to distance running.  In fact, you don’t really want to be around me if I don’t get my run in.  I ran my first marathon because it was a quirky thing to put on my bucket list. 4, 5, and 6 because I just can’t stop running them.  This year running takes on a new meaning as I cheer on my running partner who kicked cancer’s a—last year and is gearing up for the Detroit Marathon this fall.

Favorite pastimes: shopping to replace items our bad puppy chewed up.  This can be a full time job.

Plans to awe you during the race: I usually reserve my awesome vocal abilities for those within distance of my shower, but I will sing anything to motivate you to the finish line (I specialize in 80’s rock)

2:30 Pacer
Laura Gudme
LauraGudmeHello group 2:30! My name is Laura, and my running story begins in the fourth grade when I came in dead last, crying and limping, running the mile in gym class. I've made up with running since then, having completed 10 marathons and countless half marathons.
My favorite distance is 13.1, and as you can tell by my photo, I am no stranger to pacing. I can't wait to lead you towards a 2:30 victory on race day!