2017 Half Marathon Pace Teams

Pace teams will be in place approximately 30 minutes before the start of the half marathon. The pace leader will have a pace sign with the finish goal time on it. Pick your time, find your leader and GO! Have fun!.

1:30 pacer

Edward Cleland (Michigan)


I love to run and will enjoy over 2,100 miles this year; almost exclusively on trail. I genuinely do not mind running in any condition, I prefer any weather, a natural scenery and surface to almost any paved run. I (try to) run for trees and spiritual reasons more so than fitness or numbers. The somatic experience running provides is a space for me to me to process, let go, and (sometimes) transcend. I am a little obsessed with this; I went as far to center my masters thesis around the self-assessments runners apply when evaluating running marathons.

Depending on my week and upcoming races I run between 35-80 miles weekly. I have enjoyed pacing the Detroit Free Press and other races; there is something special about supporting another's journey. I am 100% as a pacer completing my race pace time under our goal time while also sticking within 30 seconds. I am happy to offer you instruction and encouragement or leave you completely alone and be your rabbit - just know I will be there at the finish line, on time, and aim to support you in anyway you need! 

I am a nutritionist and health educator by trade and when I'm not bouncing along the trails or running track with my crew, I am cooking, playing outdoors with my young family and dog, reading, starting a health bar, or scheduling the next run adventure. I wish you joy, health, and an incredible experience!


1:40 pacer

Tim Schmitt (Michigan)

Tim Schmitt

Running story:   I trained for and ran a marathon in 2007 because I was bored and had a lot of energy.  Nine years, 25ish marathons and 15ish ultramarathons later, I'm still showing up to the start line.  When I'm not running I sit at a desk and wish I was running.

Favorite race:  Sehgahunda Marathon (Letchworth State Park, NY), PCT 50 (San Diego County, CA)

Favorite place to run: deserts

Favorite Music (band):  Zac Brown Band, Gordon Lightfoot, The Beatles

Favorite Pre-Race Meal:  Pizza

Fun Fact:  I am a baseball history junkie.  


1:45 pacer

Amy Skitzki (Livonia, Michigan)

Amy run

I've been in the fitness industry as a group instructor and trainer since 1998 but running was never really on my radar until about 10 years ago.  Even though I was in shape, my first 5K seemed like a VERY long distance to me at the time.  Within a few years I was embracing the half marathon distance and while I have done a full marathon, the half remains to be my sweet spot.  I love weight training, yoga and I also teach HIIT style classes and cycle.  I do triathlons but running is by far my favorite of the three disciplines. It has become a passion for me and I'd love to share it by helping other runners achieve their race goals just as some pacers have done for me in the past.  I promise to motivate the heck out of you and make this a really fun experience!!  Come join me and let's smash this 1:45!





1:50 pacer

Hong Weng (South Lyon, Michigan)


Tips for runners: start slow, finished strong.  Negative splits is awesome!

I have run 32 marathons or longer distance.  I love running, swimming, biking not much yet .  And I love to EAT…I’m small, but could eat a lot and nonstop.  I impress & amaze family, friends and colleagues with my eating skill!

Favorite marathon: I love them all, but Comrade is my favorite- it’s not even a marathon.  It’s twice the marathon distance, took place in Durban, South Africa.  

I love to travel too, forgot to mention it earlier.

Favorite quote: Anything is possible, as long you put your mind to it.  Laugh is the best medication!

Typical training pace:  I run like a turtle, slow and steady; but I always finish.  I do not do much tempo run nor speed workout, but I run for long time.  I listen to my body if the body allows me to go for certain pace, then I go; if the heart rate is too high, I know I’ll not last long; I back off.  Running should be fun.

Why do I run?  Good questions??? I love to eat therefore; I have to keep running… Running releases stress and keeps me happy. 


1:55 pacer

Doug Millson, Clawson,MI


Find me outside or restless inside. 

My happy place is either Kensington or Stony with my wife Dragana and my dog Bodhi (named after Swayze in Point Break). Nothing beats quality time, especially running, with my loves.

I have completed 11 marathons, 1 ultra, a whole bunch of halfs and 5ks and a bunch of mountain bike races. Twice in 2016 I completed marathons in back-to-back weeks (Belgrade Marathon in Serbia then Pinckney 50k, Chicago Marathon then Freep). I'll never forget the look on Dragana's face the morning of Pinckney when I told her I had signed up for the 50k, having stepped off a transatlantic flight the night before. She knows I'm nuts. I just love the adventure! 

Why am I here? I love Martian and last year I PR'd because of a pacer named Russ Jensen who is kickass. He inspired me to give back so I am hoping I can help someone break through their personal goal. Best part was I lined up next to him at Pinckney a few weeks later and asked him what I should do in a 50k since I had never run one before. His face was about as funny as D's. 

I'm from Windsor Ontario, but I now live in Clawson. Canadians are better at hockey.

Look me up on Strava. Let's go have some fun!


2:00 pacer

Jim Micklas, Michigan


I ran some in high school, and after a few years off have been running every since, including a few pacing gigs

I moved to Michigan right out of high school and never looked back.  It's such a great state!  For me the best way to avoid cabin fever is to get outside, and what better way to do that then with a little running

I always wand to pace 2 hours, rumor has it this is a real fun group and it's such a great milestone time to hit.  If this is your time, I hope you can join us!






2:10 Pacer

Councilwoman Sara Bowman, Farmington, MI


The Martian Invasion of Races holds a special spot in my running heart as it was my first Half Marathon.  That was in 2009.  Since then I’ve gone on to run tons more Half Marathons and 17 full marathons.  Last year I completed to 50K races, the first in Upstate New York the other at Run Woodstock.

Sharing my love of all things running makes me happy.  I’ve had the privilege to train with friends and family members to complete every distance from a first 5K to a full Marathon.  Sometimes it’s even the same person! 

I keep motivational stickers on my office wall. My favorite is “The only run you'll regret is the one you didn’t take."

You’ve trained hard for this event and I’m excited to help you meet your goal time!



2:20 Pacer

Bob Davidge, MI 


I started running in 2010 and have completed 27 marathons, a similar number of halfs, and various other races along the way.  I have to say the best thing about this journey has been the fantastic people I have met over the years, whether they be long time training partners or just someone I have had the pleasure of running with for a few hours during a race, maybe to be seen another day at another race!  


It is very inspiring to me to see people from all walks of life come together, set goals, work hard, overcome challenges and achieve unbelievable things.  I enjoy helping others to realize their goals and look forward to meeting you on race day and helping you write that next chapter in your running story.  See you at the start line!




 2:30 Pacer

Charles Estep

Charles(Mr no legs left) I will help you and motivate you the finish line. I started running in January 2016 due to a few health issues with my heart. I'm now with a great group of runners dedicated to helping other runners.  If not for them, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now. It's going to be great running with all of you and meeting new people along the way. So have your shoes on and ready to be motivated along the journey. 








2:45 Pacer

Kristin Kalakay (Michigan)


Hi runners, my name is Kristin.  

I started running in 2012 and it has been quite the journey.  Over the past five years I've completed 8 full marathons, a 50k, I've lost count on half-marathon's, 10k's and 5k's.

Running is something that makes me happy and I honestly don't think I could live without it.

I am a positive, upbeat person and would love to help you reach your goal time of 2:45! 




3:00 Pacer

Sandy Hugill (Columbus, OH)

3HourPacerI have been running since 2004 and completed my first marathon in 2005. Since then I have run more than 40 half marathons and more than 70 marathons, including in all 50 states. I love to combine travel and running and have run marathons in eight countries. It's hard to choose a favorite race because each one has something special to offer, whether it's running past historic landmarks and buildings, seeing a beautiful landscape, or having fun with a great theme. Pacing has been very fulfilling for me. I enjoy pacing back-of-the pack runners who may be completing their first race or returning from a break. I recently returned to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio after several years in the Washington DC area, and I'm looking forward to interacting with more runners in the Midwest states.