Want to be one of the first earthlings to know when volunteer registration opens??  CLICK HERE to get your name on the list!

The best way to sign up to be a volunteer is to fill out our on-line volunteer registration form below. 

Online registration WILL OPEN ABOUT 2 MONTHS BEFORE THE RACE! CLICK HERE to select your position to prepare for the INVASION!!!

E-mail nancy@rfevents.com if you have questions.

We welcome community groups and individuals who are not participating in the event to come out and volunteer. It is a great way to give back and be part of this event.

Event Volunteers Receive:

-Cool Volunteer Obey Me Shirt
-$30 coupon toward any RF Events' race entry
-A Great Big Thank You!
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  • 02-absopure
  • 03-blue-care-space-ship
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  • 07-vvillage-ford
  • 08-501
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